Here are some places to take your baby on vacation and some to avoid.

3 places to take your baby on vacation (and 3 places to avoid)

If you're a busy new parent who needs a break from day to day life, don't despair. It is actually possible to go on vacation with a baby. You just have to plan a baby-friendly vacation. The first step is to choose a destination that will work for both you and your baby. Here are some places that will make your vacation a breeze, and some others that you'll want to avoid at all costs:


A beach house. By renting a beach house near where you live, you'll save yourself a plane trip and be able to cook for yourself instead of dealing with taking your baby to restaurants. Plus, you'll get to have fun in the sun with your baby, building sand castles and wading in the water.

A cruise. Believe it or not, a lot of cruises have amenities available for families with young children, like babysitting services and diapers delivered to you on board. 

Grandparents' house. The best way for you to get some rest and relaxation on your vacation is to let your parents or in-laws do some of the baby care for you. 


Camping. You won't be so keen on the great outdoors when you're trying to figure out how to change your baby's diaper in the woods without making a mess.

A bed and breakfast. Small spaces are the enemy of new parents. You'll feel too self-conscious to enjoy yourself if your baby is constantly crying and disturbing the other guests.

Anywhere more than a few hours away. Your baby may be fine on a short plane ride, but anything more than six hours and you're likely to have a very fussy baby on your hands.

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