Your adventures in parenthood will include plenty of sleeping, eating, growing, smiling, throwing, splattering, climbing and daydreaming. Because you want to be there for all of it, we offer Nuna, a collection of smart baby gear inspired by Dutch designers.
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From can’t-talk to won’t-listen, your kids are protected with gear that’s easy to install, elegantly simple and exceptionally safe.

Nuna’s well-loved PIPA™ infant seat, RAVA™ convertible, and AACE™ booster are sleek, simple and crafted to keep kids comfy and protected as they grow—from their first ride until they are no longer needed.

So you can relax and enjoy every magical, messy, covered-with-crumbs moment.

When it comes to great baby products, Nuna tackles the issue at hand: raising your baby in simple, smart, chic-looking gear you will not quickly tuck away when friends come over.

The truth is, their gear will be around for years, so Nuna aims for stuff that can hang tough at a play date, not embarrass the kids as they grow up and keep your entire house from redefining itself as a play room. We hope you agree.

Whether it’s an all day excursion hiking across the countryside or simply taking a quick spin around the block, Nuna’s wheeled range offers smart and stylish solutions for various strolling situations.

Visit your local Brixy store for proper fit and selection.
Many stores offer installation as well!

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