For most moms, this is one of the only people they want touching their pregnant belly.

How to get people to stop touching your belly when you're pregnant

If you're pregnant and just starting to show, you are probably already aware of the horror of constant unsolicited belly rubs from strangers and friends alike. For some reason, when you're pregnant, people seem to forget that your belly is still a part of your body and touching it without permission is rude. While you might want to just slap that errant hand away, here are some slightly more subtle methods of avoiding unwanted stomach petting:

  • Say you're not pregnant. If the person in question is a total stranger, pull back and look startled when they reach for your belly, then exclaim in your best outraged voice, "I'm not pregnant!" If this doesn't embarrass the person enough to make them pull away, they probably aren't human, since wrongly identifying a woman as pregnant is one of the most embarrassing situations humanly possible.
  • Pretend to be sick. A go-to technique for keeping people from getting too close to you, from crowded subways to awkward pregnancy-related interactions, is to feign illness. The next time someone's hands start that inevitable creep toward your belly, start pretending to hack up a lung. In most cases, people's fear of disease is greater than their urge to touch pregnant women's bellies.
  • Get physical. There's no reason you shouldn't just use your own hand to push an unwanted hand off your belly — after all, the other person invaded your personal space first. A particularly mischievous variation on this technique is to reach out and start rubbing the other person's stomach at the same time to induce awkwardness by giving them a taste of their own medicine.

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