Chelsea Clinton gave birth to her daughter Charlotte last year.

New mom Chelsea Clinton says motherhood made her more invested in gender equality

In a recent interview with Sky News, Chelsea Clinton got personal, saying that she has become even more committed to the cause of gender equality since giving birth to her daughter Charlotte last year. The former First Daughter just released a report on the Clinton Foundation's No Ceilings project, a data-driven analysis of women's participation in politics and civic life, which she leads along with her mother, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"I didn't know that I could care any more about gender equality until I became a mum, and until I became the mother of a daughter. What had been such an imperative to me… became all that more visceral, because now it's not just all girls that I'm fighting for, it's also Charlotte," she told Sky News.

However, it hasn't been all business for the Clintons lately. According to Chelsea, "Grandma Hillary" has been spending a lot of her time at home with baby Charlotte, reading and singing to her and feeding her from a bottle. She has also apparently been giving a good deal of mothering advice, only some of which Chelsea has been following.

"Er, she definitely gives me advice, some of it I take and some of it I sort-of smile and say 'thank you' for. I'm sure this is a common thing with new mums with their mothers!" she told the magazine. 

When asked whether she thinks her mother will be running for president again in 2016, Chelsea declined to answer, saying that for now, she's just focusing on being a good grandmother. 

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