Many new moms find that that a fresh cut saves them time.

Should you get a “new mom” haircut?

From mom jeans to to choppy hair cuts, pop-culture doesn't exactly portray new mothers as the most stylish creatures on the planet. After all, many new mommies find that they simply don't have time to groom themselves when their days are filled with breastfeeding, diaper changes and cleaning up spit-up (how glamorous!). For this reason, many women opt to abandon their flowing, long locks after giving birth.

"I chopped off my hair after having the baby. I just didn't have time for the whole routine anymore. When it's a choice between sleep and hair, the hair's gotta go!" new mom Chelsea tells women's lifestyle website She Knows.

However, just because you don't have time to upkeep your current style doesn't mean you have to settle for a less-than gorgeous mane. In addition to being convenient, a short cut—like a pixie or bob—can be oh-so stylish.

"I got so bored with wearing it up in a ponytail and I think that cutting it shorter gave me some style," mom of two Sharon Pollard tells the news source.

As you can see, short hair can be sexy too! Take starlets like Michelle Williams, Charlize Theron and Halle Berry, for instance. These hot mamas sure know how to rock a short do!

If you need help thinking of low-maintenance ways to style your new "mom cut", we've got you covered:

  • Headband: You may associate headbands with your school-girl days, but these accessories can also be mature and effortless. If you watched the Academy Awards, you saw how Best Actress winter Lupita Nyong'o pulled off the look. You don't necessarily have to choose a band with embellishments. A simple color headband can spruce up your appearance while saving you time in the morning. Just crown your head with this chic accessory and spend the rest of your day on mommy duty.
  • Spike: Chances are if your little one was born with a head of hair, she came out with a cute spiked do! Well, like mother like daughter. This look may be a bit edgy, but adding gel to your short mane and spiking your hair is a great way to change up your look from time to time. Not to mention, it doesn't take very long to achieve rock star spikes. 
  • Texture: When your a new mom you probably won't have time to blow-dry your hair as frequently as you may like. This is why a texturizing look will soon be your new best friend. Instead of spending lots of time trying to get your hair to be sleek, simply embrace your hair's natural wave. Lucky for us new moms, the bed head look is in! Who knew that looking like you had a rough night sleep could be stylish? Enhance this look with a dab of gel, texturing spray or volumizing mousse.

Of course, no one says you necessarily have to chop your hair after delivering a baby. In fact, many women find that their hair is actually more healthy and flowing during and after pregnancy thanks to hormones and healthy pre-natal vitamins. Others find that their face shape has altered from post-baby weight, leading them to choose a more flattering hairstyle. Like all choices related to new motherhood, the ultimate decision is up to you!

Although we can't give you a new haircut, we at Brixy can help you make educated purchases that will affect the health and wellness of both you and your new baby. Contact your local Brixy retailer to find out more information about our company!