Planning a baby shower can be an incredibly exciting time, as it is a way to show your pregnant loved one just how much you care for them and their unborn child. Despite the happy anticipation surrounding the event, knowing what activities and games to plan can be stressful for some designated baby shower organizers. If you are having difficulty sifting through the dozens of games and activities, don't stress. Here are a few fun, sentimental and even wacky shower games and activities attendees will love:

  • Match that baby: This activity needs to be prepared for before the party. Ask all guests to bring in photos of themselves as a baby to the party, where you can pin them up on a board or wall and assign them a number or letter. Throughout the party, people can vote on who they think each baby is. Have everyone introduce their picture at the end for a fun reveal!
  • Baby artist: For this game, everyone needs to be blindfolded and equipped with a marker or crayon. Give everyone a minute to draw their best baby picture as their eyes are covered and then the mom-to-be can vote on which drawing is her favorite. This game should cause plenty of laughs!
  • Will my baby look like that?: Before the party, print off large photos of various immediate family members and then cut them into horizontal strips. Guests can rearrange the strips to see what the baby could look like. The results can be as fun as they can be wacky.

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