So you have made your birthing plan, packed your nursing aids, your toiletries and your baby’s going home outfit, so what’s next? For moms who want to be more than adequately prepared for when they go into labor and afterwards, here are items you might not have thought to pack, but definitely shouldn’t miss out on when packing your labor bag:

  • A bag for dad: Though all the attention will be on you and your new baby, don’t forget about dad! If your labor or hospital stay is long, make sure he has a change of clothes and toiletries to freshen up as needed. Make sure he packs a book or a good music playlist as well so he has something to do during downtime.
  • Lip balm and mints: Thanks to the extra dry hospital air and lots of heavy breathing, your lips will be longing for some much needed moisture. This is why you shouldn’t forget to pack a quality lip balm just for this occasion. To feel even better, pack some mint or spearmint breath mints — and remember that sharing is caring, especially in the close quarters of L&D!  They also are a great way to mitigate any nauseous feelings.
  • Personal comforts: Before and after you give birth, you will want to indulge in a few personal comforts. When it comes to food, try to include post-labor snacks and a few delivery menus to help you build back your strength and satisfy any lingering cravings. Also, as your feet may swell after delivery, make sure to also pack roomy footwear such as slippers, cozy socks or flip-flops. It is also important to not forget any hair ties for holding your hair back during labor, or to help you spruce up afterwards! For all the photos that will inevitably occur, bringing along some headbands or hair ties is an easy way to fix up your hair to be camera ready and feel more like yourself.
  • Maternity pads: For most women normal sanitary napkins aren’t always the best option after birth, so be sure to invest in a pack of maternity specific pads to provide the protection you need. However, some women choose to use Depends pads due to their extra absorbency. When considering what type of maternity pad or sanitary napkin to buy, always prioritize comfort and thickness. Bringing along your own mesh panties or “granny panties” is also recommended for additional comfort.
  • Technology and Memory Savers: With social media becoming a normal facet of today’s society, you want to ensure that your phone is charged and up to the challenge to take a few (or dozens of) photos of your precious newborn. So make sure to bring your phone charger, preferably one with an extra long cord that can reach you in the bed. You’ll want to capture each moment of this special day and be able to tell all your loved ones the fantastic news, so don’t miss out just because your phone’s battery died. It is also important to bring along your labor music playlist and one or two soothing playlists to help you relax afterwards.