Veer Lunch Cooler

Color: Blue Beryl
Sale price$99.00


A must-have for any Cruiser or Switchback owner, our new Lunch Cooler makes food storage seamless for any daytrip or adventure. A medium-size version of our Day Cooler, this 6.5 liter soft cooler is compact yet big enough to pack lunch, snacks and drinks for you and the kids. Rear connection ports allow you to easily attach Lunch Cooler to Cruiser or Switchback Seat for quick access.

Thick closed-cell foam offers all-day insulation, ensuring your cold goods will feel like they just came out the fridge, your snacks will keep fresh or your soups will stay hot and steamy. Made from Veer DryTech - a durable TPU coated fabric that is waterproof, stain, puncture, mold and mildew resistant. This Lunch Cooler is durable enough to stand up to the elements and easy to wash clean.

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